Break the Rules !

Design Rules Do’s and Don’ts – at one time the rules were strictly adhered to but nowadays – anything goes – buck the trends !!

Ceilings are always white – who says ?  Balance all white schemes by introducing a strong colour in the ceiling.  Ceilings much too high ?  Lower them by using darker tones.  White too stark ?  Use beautiful Farrow and Ball “whites” much softer.

Rugs should be no longer than the length of your sofa – who says ?  Use a large square rug and place chairs and central coffee table to introduce a lovely conversational area.  Use a large rug and place the edges under sofa feet – this softens the look.  Use a large rug in the room to pull many different colours together and give the room cohesion.

Don’t incorporate too many patterns – who says ?  Pattern can give a plain room some interest.  Mix lots of patterns but maybe soften the look by using only one or two colours throughout.  Use different patterns to turn your room into your own unique space.  If you are still a bit timid keep large items plain but introduce lots of pattern in throws, cushions and lampshades.

Small Rooms can’t take dark colours – who says ?  We believe it will pull a room in but not the case.  Dark colours actually make a small room look larger.  If your room is naturally dark, play to its strength and go with this, introduce bright pops of colour.  Don’t try and lighten it by making it all white – this only makes a dark room seem gloomy.

Have fun bucking the trends – send over some images of your unique space.