Setting a Budget

All Interior Design Projects happen within the framework of a budget.  Once you have decided on a budget you can than plan how much you can allocate to each element.  How much can you comfortably afford ?  If its a major renovation talk to a few experts, tell them what you wish to achieve and they can give a qualified estimate for your work.  This is a starting point – consider all costs involved ie lighting, flooring, furniture, soft furnishings also delivery costs or shipping.  If you are unsure or working within a tight budget bringing in an Interior Designer can be a wise investment.  They will help source within your budget, keep within your budget and give advice on where to save and spend within the project.  They will make sure you achieve your aspirations.  Remember if you are working within a very tight budget you can divide your project into phases.  Come in and chat to your local Interior Designer – we are only too willing to help and give advice.  Don’t be shy in discussing budgets.  Settling on a budget helps the designer in sourcing materials to match your aspirations.