Tips on using Texture in your Home Decor

Using a variety of textures in your home décor is a great way to add interest, style and character but it can be surprisingly difficult – too many textures – too busy, same textured repeated – unbalanced. Follow these tips to achieve a fabulous textured haven.

Decide which mood you’re trying to achieve and select your textures accordingly. For a cosy feel textures should be soft and tactile like rich velvets, shimmering cotton mixes and faux fur for the cashmere throw, cushions and rugs. For a more streamlined look choose accessories with matt finishes, like concrete floors, steel accessories and non-reflective, functional surfaces.  Fabrics with tonal textures work well.

Don’t forget the walls. Whether you select a high-gloss paint, wood panels, exposed brick or tile.  Wallpaper is a simple way to introduce texture to walls to compliment your soft furnishings.

Layering textures is the greatest way to get the most of contrasting fabrics but don’t indulge in too many – three or four at the most.  Blending textures evokes a strong mood, adds depth and is visually stimulating.

If you are a little afraid of textures a simple rule of thumb is to combine toning plains and patterns.

Texture can have a powerful visual impact when it is done boldly. Dare to embrace a luxurious metallic velvet fabric for that rich elegant WOW factor.