New “Cobra” Collection from Brian Yates

Come in and view the new Brian Yates Collection in our showroom.

Cobra”collection: printed mainly on natural cork which is harvested manually from the bark of the cork oak, cut into squares then glued onto a metallic backing. The squares are then polished until perfectly smooth and flat, ready to be overprinted. A specialized and hand-crafted production process.
The range is complemented with a bi-coloured woven raffia design as well as printed plains and reptile designs.
Colours range from brown-black tiger snake, white python, green copper, chameleon, bark brown lizard, greyish crocodile, green water turtle, to the stained cobra, most of them enhanced with a shimmer of gold, silver or copper, reflecting light and shimmering like sunshine on reptile skin.
Cobra - CA12 and CA31 cropCobra - rolls (2)crop38966_CA6_detail[1] crop