Christmas decorating tips

Christmas decorating tips from Glasgow interior designers Gilding the lilyNearly time to “trim the tree” !  Here are some hints and tips which I hope will prove helpful.

Choose your tree – NATURAL trees are always nice, the fragrance and the experience of the family choosing the tree and bringing it home.  The down sides are needles and for those of us who are perfectionissts when it comes to trimming, they always have uneven branches !  Remember if you choose the natural option keep filling that reservoir with water to help prevent needle drop.

Choose your lights – The trend is for clear twinkling lights and many trees now come pre-lit which eliminates the endless checking of last year’s tangled lights to hunt down the faulty bulb!     If you still choose to use separate lights, start at the top of the tree and work your way down – remember to place lights inside the tree as well as the outer edges.  A rule of thumb is 30 lights per foot.  Stand back before decorating to make sure you have even distribution.

Choose your theme – Traditional, Red, green and gold sum up a traditional look but add some rich red velvet bows and plaids to add a warm cosy feel.









50 Shades of Grey interiors work well with the clean sharp look of a natural or brilliant white tree covered with berry red baubles together with white wooden decorations and twinkling clear lights.











Glamorous  –  cover your tree in twinkling white lights and as many gold and silver baubles as you can throw at it  Include some white sparkly decorations and white feathers for an over the top theme.  The Kardashians have followed this rule !









Quirky – who says we should follow the tried and tested route.  Opt out of the traditional brigade and throw up a white tree or a real funky pink.  Most of the major high street stores stock vibrant baubles in purple – lime – cerise pink – again go for bright coloured lights.








If  money is no object – push the boat out with the world’s most expensive tree from a jewelers in Japan – £1.9 million –  if you’ve got it flaunt it !!

I I I Wonder if the Obama’s have been following our hints and tips  ???












Have a fabulous Christmas from Anne and Joanne at Gilding the Lily Interiors

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Wooden flooring advice

Thinking about new wooden flooring?

wooden flooring advice Glasgow interiors Gilding the Lily

Enjoy the warmth of a solid wooden floor

Read our list of pointers to get you started.  And as always, if you’d like some help in person, call in for a free design consultation!

So let’s think about your new floor in terms of the:

  • Type of wood
  • Grade of wood
  • Final finish

The type of wood refers to the construction of the floorboard, i.e. solid or engineered

Solid Wood Flooring means each plank is made of 100% wood such as oak or walnut.  With the right level of care these can easily reach 100 to 150 years of service life and original floorboards are frequently found in properties across Glasgow.   Because these floorboards are 100% wood you can sand and re-coat the floor whenever it needs a new lease of life.  On the downside, solid wood flooring doesn’t tolerate moisture or humidity as well as other types of flooring and for this reason it’s best to avoid a solid wood floor in bathroom and kitchen areas.

Engineered Wood Flooring uses solid wood as a top layer followed by lower layers of MDF, plywood or softwood. An engineered wooden floor has the advantage of looking like a sold wooden floor but without the price tag but the life cycle is closer to 25 years and therefore doesn’t last as long.

The grade of wood chosen will determine how your flooring looks in terms of colour variation and the presence of natural features such as knots.

Prime grade – Prime grade wood flooring are cut from the middle of the tree meaning the floorboard will have the least amount of colour variations between the planks and fewer knots.

Select grade – Select grade wood flooring are cut from the second ring from within the core of the tree which means that the floorboards will show some colour variations between the plank and some knots can be expected.

Natural grade – Natural grade will feature sapwood and black knots of up to 30cm in size. Compared to the previous two grades, price difference will become more substantial making this grade very popular when fitting wood floors on a tight budget

Rustic grade – Floorboards will feature sapwood and black knots of 35mm. There might be unlimited colour variation between the floorboards. Rustic is the most affordable option.

Finally, which finish should you choose?

The finish refers to the way in which your new wooden floor will be protected with the most common finishes including lacquer, oil and UV oil.  Lacquer sits on the top surface of the wood and helps with waterproofing while an oil finish sinks in to the wood and is better a preventing everyday wear and tear.

Are you considering decor to go with your new wooden floor?  Why not pop in for a free design consultation, we’re here to help you choose curtains, wallpapers and soft furnishings and achieve the perfect look for every room in your home.

For more information on solid wood flooring, contact Wood and Beyond, suppliers of wooden floors, decking and walnut worktops.

Image courtesy of Wood and Beyond.

“friendly and professional”

I have used Gilding the Lily Interiors on several occasions with excellent results.  Anne and Joanne  were both friendly and professional, they have great patience during the selection process and gave very helpful ideas as I was unsure of what I was looking for in colour and style.  They were able to make the decision process very simple by making the right choices from their fab library of fabrics and wall coverings and pulled my entire vision together.   I have no hesitation in recommending them to family and friends in fact my son used them in his new home.
Anne O’Neil

Curtain Poles and Tracks

Curtain Poles and Tracks

It is important to match up the perfect curtain pole or track to your particular window treatment.  There are so many on the market ranging from sleek and contemporary to ornate and bespoke.  Gilding the Lily Interiors can supply a vast range of poles and tracks.  Fitting Service is available, if required.

Curtain Track

Gilding the Lily Interiors recommend white aluminium track.  This is more stable and suitable for heavyweight to lightweight curtains, does note distort with sunlight and gives a smoother glide to the curtain.  Most aluminium track can be bent, especially a gentle bend but if right angled bends it is recommended to have it bent by the manufacturer.

Corded and electric track should be considered especially with longer drops or heavier lined fabrics and will assist with closing and opening.

A very popular contemporary track is the Panama track which comes in many finishes and gives a clean contemporary look with a good gliding action.


Bay Window Poles and Tracks

Gilding the Lily Interiors can supply ready bent curtain poles and tracks or individual poles, finials and bending joints or elbows which make a more economical option.  Passing bends and rings are needed to allow the curtain to pass over the bend.


Poles come in a vast range of styles, materials and finishes.  Gilding the Lily Interiors can supply traditional poles and finials up to 50mm diameter to metal poles in satin steel, brass, bronze, black with a huge choice of finials to acrylic or crystal poles and finials.  We also stock a range of Eco Friendly poles made from natural bamboo.   Some acrylic poles can be manufactured to fit a bay window.

Light up your life

lighting specialists Gilding the Lily Interiors Glasgow

Create different effects with a range of bases & shades

Lighting advice for your home

Have you just spent a fortune on beautiful wallpaper but can’t see the detail?

Is the overall lighting effect too stark or too dismal?

Most sitting rooms require a range of different types of lighting to give that cosy, homely feel.

Ambient lighting is general light that fills your room. This lighting, as the name suggests, gives the room its ambiance.  This is mainly achieved by using table lamps in different areas of the room.

Task lighting allows lighting for specific tasks like reading or writing.

Accent lighting provides drama or can highlight a particular object in your room.  You could place some lighting behind a piece of furniture directed up onto a feature wall to highlight pattern or texture.  It could also be used to bring a piece of art to life.

Decorative lighting is as it says on the tin – purely there as a design element in the room and for no other purpose.

tablelamps Glasgow from glasgow interior designers Gilding the Lily interiors

Table & floor standing lamps can be a feature in themselves

4 ways to create curtain envy

Popular heading styles are eyelet – which come in a wide range of metal and wooden eyelets.  Wave heading – gives the look of an eyelet curtain but can be hung from a pole or a track.  Double pleat and Triple pleat are very classic finishes which do not date and give a very elegant look to your window treatment.  Contemporary twists to curtains are to hang a voile in front of a textured fabric or create a deep border at the top or bottom of your curtain using a contrast colour or fabric.

Use a leading edge – Create eye catching windows by introducing a contrasting edge.  Make sure it is deep enough to allow more to be shown when tiebacks are used to keep the curtains open.  Create more attention to a plain edge by using a sateen or silk finish to add shimmer.

Use a pelmet – From upholstered, plain or shaped to hand stitched buckram or box pleats – a pelmet can add real impact to a window treatment and cover unsightly rails and window vents. Swags and tails are a traditional choice but a more modern twist would be some tasselled shields and tails.

Trimmings –  Choose from a wide range of fabulous trimmings now on the market – they can bring a personalised touch to curtains and blinds.   Coloured glass beading can add shimmer to the plainest of blinds.  Tasselled fringing is a more traditional trim but in the latest colour trends can suit any contemporary dressing.  Add that finishing touch by incorporating a pair of tiebacks from single or double tassel, rope, mirror to bespoke glass – the possibilities are endless.

Use sliding panels – Where a tailored look is required or a panoramic window, hang sliding panels from a suspended track.  Panels can be stacked back to each side or to the left or right.  This treatment will give an uninterrupted view during the day. Alternate patterned and plain panels for a more imaginative look.

Be bold with strong patterns

designer wallpaper in Glasgow Scene Sable

Bold in a calming sort of way

Who wants rooms that are boring and predictable?

Consider introducing a bold pattern to add a focal point and depth into your room.

No need to worry about the pattern being overwhelming, you can balance your space by keeping other items fairly neutral.

Pattern doesn’t have to be in-your-face.

Using a bold pattern in a soft colour, as is shown above, can bring a sense of calm to your room.  Pattern needn’t be reserved for large rooms only as pattern can be used in a small space to help pull a room together.

Got questions?

Give us a call on 0141 883 7070 or come and visit our showroom on Hillington Road, Glasgow and browse our extensive wallpaper and fabric library.

Reflect on your room scheme

designer wallpaper from Glasgow store Gilding the Lily Interiors

Thought of using metallic wallpaper?

Reflective surfaces bring instant lift to any room.

Imagine the sun reflecting around your sitting room or adding drama to a dinner party with friends by having subtle candlelight bounce from foil or beaded wallpaper.

To avoid the Apollo 13 look introduce soft flower patterns or colours on a foil background.

Would you like to see some foil wallpapers in action?  Come and visit our showroom on Hillington Road, Glasgow and browse our extensive wallpaper and fabric library.

Bedroom wallpaper and curtains

bedroom wallpaper curtains from Glasgow interior designers Gilding the Lily
Create your own boutique bedroom

Create your own boutique bedroom

With lots of hot styles to choose from, borrowing ideas from 5* boutique hotel rooms is easy.

Achieve your own kind of glamour by mixing silks, reflective satins and sumptuous velvets with textured or beaded wallpapers.

Add a bold colour behind your bed and bring the colour down into the room by introducing coloured cushions and bed runner.

Calm neutral schemes come to life by introducing textured fabrics and tactile wallpapers and good design can still incorporate blackout lined curtains and blinds enabling your room to be both beautiful and practical.

Still a little unsure on how to create your own boutique style? Why not come and visit our showroom on Hillington Road, Glasgow and browse our extensive wallpaper and fabric library

Living rooms & soft furnishings

Living room ideas from Glasgow interior designers Gilding the Lily Interiors

Be bold with soft furnishings

As interior designers we often have visitors to our showroom who are nervous about using colour.  Our advice is always the same – keep the large areas neutral and work in some colour  by using

Each of these can easily be changed with the seasons or if you simply grow tired of them.  Using differing tones of a similar colour and adding texture to the mix adds depth to a room.

Look at the shape of your room – a long narrow room can be split into zones, office, tv, entertaining.  Group seating together to make conversation flow.  Add a focal point to the room.  This can be a fireplace, plasma TV or a stunning view.  A popular look at the moment is a feature wall, either in a beautifully patterned wall covering or simply painted in an accent colour.

When choosing furniture remember the proportions, large rooms need large pieces just as small rooms can be swamped by over-sized sofas.

The living room can be a difficult room to undertake.  It has to work really hard !  An area to relax in, home entertainment, kids play area, home office.  Storage is the solution.  Mount the TV on a wall to save space and hide all the “gadgets”, Cds, DVDs, speakers in a suitable entertainment unit – plenty on the high street to suit all budgets.  Coffee tables can also be useful if they incorporate a drawer or two.

If you would like some free, no obligation ideas about your living room, come and visit us in store.  Alternatively you can call us on 0141 883 7070 or request a call back.

Faux silk curtain & curtain materials

Faux silk curtain material from Glasgow interior designers

Consider faux silk for your curtains & soft furnishings

Faux silk is usually made from polyester which imitates the look of real silk.

Faux silk curtain material is available in a luxurious drapery weight satin smooth finish to finishes which are reminiscent of raw silk with natural slub lines running horizontally across the fabric.  All come in a beautiful range of colours from a deep sophisticated palette of rich opulent berry to soft smokey blues and taupes.

Make use of our free in-store design service, we’ll help you choose type of curtain fabric most suitable for your curtains or soft furnishings.  Faux silk is available to order along side a range of designer curtain rails and poles from which to hang your gorgeous new curtains.  Why not pop in and meet in us in store or call on 0141 883 7070.


Silk curtains & curtain fabric

silk curtain fabric Glasgow

Need help choosing the right shade of silk?

Silk curtains add elegance to any room.  You can add interlining to give a padded quality.  Have them puddled on the floor to add that extra luxurious feel.

Silk curtain fabrics are available in plain and highly patterned varieties.  Unsure which would suit your room best?  Come and in have a look through our silk curtain fabric sample books.  Our in-store design service is free.  Drop in to our friendly store or 0141 883 7070 for our undivided attention.

Duck egg blue curtains

3 duck egg blue ideas for your bedroom


duck egg blue tiebacks made to measure from Glasgow interior designers Gilding the Lily

Add a little bit of dazzle with diamante

Duck egg blue curtains…

Duck egg blue is an elegant enduring colour loved by young and old alike.  It is a colour that will not easily date.  Match taffetta silk with soft cream velvets for a stunning mix of textures but an overall calming room.

Duck egg blue for bedding…

For an economical way of tying your scheme together add cushions and a bed runner matching the curtains and blinds.
Alternatively go for broke !! Add that WOW factor using luxurious fabrics on the bed, pile the cushions high in lots of differing shapes and add diamonte buttons and tassels.  Add some luxurious billowing duck egg curtains tied back using diamonte trimmed tiebacks or even feathers and diamonte – if you’ve got it – flaunt it !

For the romantics…

This style of dressing lends itself to a french style bedroom using soft cream ornate furniture and crystal chandaliers, remember to add the romantic candles.

Curtain eyelets add a contemporary twist

curtains Glasgow

Curtain eyelets come in a variety of colours, wood and metal finishes and can even include Swarovski crystals.

Choose from a range of curtain poles to either contrast with or match the colour of your eyelet rings.

Eyelet curtains hang in a vertical pleat and usually hang without tiebacks.  Eyelets are a suitable heading for both heavy and lightweight fabrics, including voiles.

Choose from a wide selection of the lastest designer curtain fabrics, headings and poles.  With a free in-store design service we’ll have your curtains heading in the right direction in no time.

With easy access just off the M8 you’ll find free store front parking and a warm & friendly welcome.