New Arrival – Jab Casa Carlucci Wallpaper 08 Collection





Contemporary designs inspired by vintage flooring, handbags and textiles.   Sophisticated textures and designs in subtle colours.  Chevron and honeycomb designs based on antique parquet flooring, a small all over print – a reminder of woven leather Italian handbags.  More extravagant prints include jungle leaf, bamboo, printed on linen background and a leopard print.  These are high quality embossed vinyls – wide width – 70cms x 10m roll size.  Come in to view entire collection or have samples sent directly to your home.

Valentines Vibes

Don’t just think of red on valentines day – bring red into your life all through the year.  Go bold and fill the room with red in differing tones and textures for a rich decadent look.  Go for “less is more” by adding touches of red throughout the room in lampshades, rugs or cushions.  Here is a selection of ideas.  This stunning headboard  became the WOW factor in a client’s bedroom.










Stunning Practical Visions Blinds

Striking Contemporary Practical Blinds

  Striking Contemporary Practical Blinds


Liven your windows with practical yet stylish Vision Blinds made for a more contemporary home.  Control light while maintaining the view, Vision fabrics gently filter the light whilst providing a privacy blind. Suitable for all rooms. Choice of fabric textures and colour.


Happy St. Andrews Day


Happy St. Andrews Day to all our clients, wherever you are in the world


Christmas Through the Years at the White House

Obama "Pets" Theme

Obama “Pets” Theme

Obama White House Corridors

Obama White House Corridors

Jackie and John F Kennedy

Jackie and John F Kennedy

Relaxed Kennedy Family

Relaxed Kennedy Family



Brighten Your Home for Christas


Time is fast running out to add a fresh look to your home before Christmas but why not add some wallpaper for a relatively inexpensive solution.



Enter a successfully designed room and you will always find a mirror, either a bold statement piece, doubling the depth of the room or simply cleverly positioned to bounce and reflect light around.

One large wall which needs to be filled ? What about a gallery of mirrors in unusual frame shapes and finishes. This could easily replace picture frames and cleverly add light and sparkle to a room.

In a small room it is always best to go large. One large mirror will open up a room.#

decorative-wall-mirrors-by-rifleshi-371 morpaugustus-mirror original_inca-contemporary-sun-mirror portholemirrors zig-zag-chevron-wall-mirror1



Copper is a wonderful metal to add WOW and WARMTH  to any room.  Tones with most colours, especially neutrals and greys.  We have a wide selection of textured wallpapers and fabrics or have a look at some accessories you could incorporate in a room scheme.

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New “Cobra” Collection from Brian Yates

Come in and view the new Brian Yates Collection in our showroom.

Cobra”collection: printed mainly on natural cork which is harvested manually from the bark of the cork oak, cut into squares then glued onto a metallic backing. The squares are then polished until perfectly smooth and flat, ready to be overprinted. A specialized and hand-crafted production process.
The range is complemented with a bi-coloured woven raffia design as well as printed plains and reptile designs.
Colours range from brown-black tiger snake, white python, green copper, chameleon, bark brown lizard, greyish crocodile, green water turtle, to the stained cobra, most of them enhanced with a shimmer of gold, silver or copper, reflecting light and shimmering like sunshine on reptile skin.
Cobra - CA12 and CA31 cropCobra - rolls (2)crop38966_CA6_detail[1] crop













Good Luck Andy Murray vs Tomas Berdych

Love the comfy contemporary Scottish feel of Andy Murray’s Cromlix Hotel.  Gilding the Lily carry many of the fabrics used in the soft furnishings or ranges with a very similar feel.  Come in and browse.