New “Cobra” Collection from Brian Yates

Come in and view the new Brian Yates Collection in our showroom.

Cobra”collection: printed mainly on natural cork which is harvested manually from the bark of the cork oak, cut into squares then glued onto a metallic backing. The squares are then polished until perfectly smooth and flat, ready to be overprinted. A specialized and hand-crafted production process.
The range is complemented with a bi-coloured woven raffia design as well as printed plains and reptile designs.
Colours range from brown-black tiger snake, white python, green copper, chameleon, bark brown lizard, greyish crocodile, green water turtle, to the stained cobra, most of them enhanced with a shimmer of gold, silver or copper, reflecting light and shimmering like sunshine on reptile skin.
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Waiting Arrival of Latest Today Interior Wallpapers

Designer Wallpaper

Designer Wallpaper

We are awaiting the arrival of the two latest designer wallpaper collections from Today Interiors.  This company is renowned for their quality, inspirational papers.  Keep in touch to view the collection when it arrives, remember the new collection books will be available to view in our showroom allowing you to see the true quality, finish and colours of the papers.

Today Interiors Do It Again !

Just ordered another two books from Today Interiors from their American Collection today.  They are absolutely fab!  Lots to inspire most tastes, elegant, WOW, subtle  sparkle  –  they should be in the showroom in around two weeks, keep an eye on the website – they are just so unusual and good prices.

Does rain make us wish for wallpaper?

wallpaper store Glasgow sees upturn because of the weather

Escape from the rain with a book and a cuppa

Oh what weather! There’s nothing quite like Glasgow in the rain, but surely enough is enough.

When it’s raining outside are we more inclined to think ‘what can we do with our insides?’  Many of our customers seem to think so because we are certainly experiencing an upturn in the amounts of wallpaper enquiries and sales.

More and more of our customers are now opting for all the walls in the room to be papered instead of the tried and tested one feature wallpapered wall and the others painted.

We have many books available with collections enabling you to combine different patterns from the same colour pallette.  Come in, remember you can borrow a wallpaper book from our collection and examine it in your own room in both daylight and lamplight.

Be bold with strong patterns

designer wallpaper in Glasgow Scene Sable

Bold in a calming sort of way

Who wants rooms that are boring and predictable?

Consider introducing a bold pattern to add a focal point and depth into your room.

No need to worry about the pattern being overwhelming, you can balance your space by keeping other items fairly neutral.

Pattern doesn’t have to be in-your-face.

Using a bold pattern in a soft colour, as is shown above, can bring a sense of calm to your room.  Pattern needn’t be reserved for large rooms only as pattern can be used in a small space to help pull a room together.

Got questions?

Give us a call on 0141 883 7070 or come and visit our showroom on Hillington Road, Glasgow and browse our extensive wallpaper and fabric library.

Reflect on your room scheme

designer wallpaper from Glasgow store Gilding the Lily Interiors

Thought of using metallic wallpaper?

Reflective surfaces bring instant lift to any room.

Imagine the sun reflecting around your sitting room or adding drama to a dinner party with friends by having subtle candlelight bounce from foil or beaded wallpaper.

To avoid the Apollo 13 look introduce soft flower patterns or colours on a foil background.

Would you like to see some foil wallpapers in action?  Come and visit our showroom on Hillington Road, Glasgow and browse our extensive wallpaper and fabric library.

Bedroom wallpaper and curtains

bedroom wallpaper curtains from Glasgow interior designers Gilding the Lily
Create your own boutique bedroom

Create your own boutique bedroom

With lots of hot styles to choose from, borrowing ideas from 5* boutique hotel rooms is easy.

Achieve your own kind of glamour by mixing silks, reflective satins and sumptuous velvets with textured or beaded wallpapers.

Add a bold colour behind your bed and bring the colour down into the room by introducing coloured cushions and bed runner.

Calm neutral schemes come to life by introducing textured fabrics and tactile wallpapers and good design can still incorporate blackout lined curtains and blinds enabling your room to be both beautiful and practical.

Still a little unsure on how to create your own boutique style? Why not come and visit our showroom on Hillington Road, Glasgow and browse our extensive wallpaper and fabric library